Witch on a tree | Story of Chudail in English

Hi..myself Gaurav, I reside in (bhayander)Mumbai.But basically i am from Varanasi (U.P). This story is about my great maternal grandfather who had experienced a so called Witch on a tree or Chudail presence.It goes like it was near the end of 18th century and at that time varanasi was not a developed city and it had very dense forest alongside the streets.Witch on TreeMy great maternal grandfather had a banarasi saree business and he used to come daily after 12 am.On a random day,my grandfather was coming from his work and he had a packet with curd inside it.as he came to the streets which had a dense trees alongside it, he suddenly heard a female voice ‘akele hi saara dahiya khayiba ka ho?’ in bhojpuri which means ‘you gonna eat the whole curd or what?’from inside the dense leaves of a tree.My grandfather was quite brave and he was a believer too in paranormal.he immediately understood the matter and kept the packet of curd beside the tree and kept on walking without looking somewhere else.

After reaching home he told the this thing to his family members and also to a priest (ozha or tantrik).The priest told him that he did a good thing by keeping that packet there only,otherwise she could have harmed you or might be she could have came along with you to your home and could have harmed any of your family members.

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