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India is Very Big Country and the Culture of India is very old . Mostly Population of India lives in villages there peoples used Superstition to solve their daily Problems. There are many incidents where the tantrik said the Person is cuaght by caught or the Place can be Haunted. From this Ancient Beliefs there are many Haunted Places in India are Born in India where Peoples Feels Paranormal Activities. So From this beliefs and Paranormal Activities there exists Many Haunted Places in India . If You want to Visit Haunted Places in India then We come up here with list of 25 Haunted Locations in India Which Tell you Spooky and Scary Side of India.

#1 Agrasen ki Baoli – Haunted Places in India

haunted places in india

If we talk about Haunted Places in India then We Should Start from Capital of India. The Capital of India comes in Oldest City of India where lots of Rulers rule in India. Here we are Talking about Agrasen ki Baoli which is Famous Haunted Place in Delhi which is developed by Maharaja Agarsen in 14th century . It is said by Locals that Many years Ago this Baoli is filled by Black Water which Hypnotized People to commit suicide in its black water so that after this Place is reserved by ASI . Some noise of Felling in water comes at this place

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#2 Jamali-Kamali Masjid, Delhi

Jamali-Kamali MasjidThis is the another haunted place in delhi for that a dhinn story is behind this masjid. There were two sufi saints named Jamali and Kamali were buried here at the British Time. At night time some Creepy noises are heard around this place So People don’t pass that way in night. From many Years this Place is considered as Haunted Places in India and Now this Places is reserved by ASI as Historical Monuments.

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#3 Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai

Taj-Mahal-HotelWho one not know the name of Taj mahal hotel for horrible Terrorist Attack . It is rumoured that architect who build this Taj mahal hotel make suicide in this building due to bad designing to build this place. Many people who stay here at night witness some ghost apparition wandering in corridor area. In Fact we Don’t Want to consider this Place in Haunted Places in India but when We read Paranormal Experience by Visitors who stay here then this Places in Partially considered in Haunted Places in India. But this Hotel doesn’t affect in Business from this Scary Stories.

#4 Malcha Mahal, Delhi

malchaMalcha mahal is an Old Palace of Delhi which is given to nawab of oudhs’s Great grand Daughter. Here Wilayat Mahal make suicide after that her children lived here who have no connection to outside world. This place is higly secured for Outsiders. From the Board that this places in Restricted People conisdered this Place in Haunted Places in India and Now remains in the List of Haunted Places in India.

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#5 Thane – Vrindavan Society

thaaaneeIn Mumbai Thane Area there is a Society named Vrindawan society is known as haunted places where a man commit suicide from that building . After that incident locals says that his spirit lives here and many weird things happens in this society.

#6 The Lambi Dehar mines, Mussoorie

Musori hauntedIn Mussoorie many year ago a mines where lots of worker works and now It is deserted . In !990’s there is an accident happen from which 50,000 Workers of that mines were died here. So that this places is highly Abandoned and make creepy feel when we pass from that area.

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#7 Grand Paradi Towers, Mumbai

Grand-Paradi-TowersThis is Another haunted place in Mumbai where Lot’s of suicide accidents happens here So that Local believes that this places is Haunted.

#8 Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary of Tamil Nadu

wildlifeThis is the largest Sanctuary in Tamilnadu. A famous indian Bandit named Veerapan Was killed here in 2004 . After his death some unusual happening are seen by locals that veerpan’s Spirit came in that jungle. so that place make this Sancuty Haunted.

#9 Golconda Fort, Hyderabad

golkondafortFor this fort is said that spirit of Taramati wander here at night and Spotted by some locals so that this place is reported to be haunted by south Indian peoples.

#10 Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi

Feroz Shah Kotla, DelhiThis is an another haunted place of Delhi which is build by famous firoj shah tuglag. This is said by local peoples that at night some people have seen djinns or fairies . There were suicide accidents alos happend here so that bulding’s face near this place is on other way.

#11 Tunnel no 33, Shimla

tunnel no 33There is an tunnel in Shimla where lot’s of Paranormal activities are seen by locals. It is said that Ghost of Colonel Barog an British Engineer wanders here which is an friendly ghost. If We Talk about Top Haunted Places in Indian then We cann’t forget this Place in the List.

#12 Lothian Cemetery, Delhi

lothial cementryIn Delhi this Cemetry is 200 years old and mass burial are gone here at the 1857 war of india. It is also said that an headless ghost whose name was sir nicholas an british soldier ended his life in love for an indian woman . Many Paranoraml Acitivities are seen here.

#13 Brij Raj Bhavan Palace in Kota, Rajasthan

brijraj-bhawan-palaceIn Kota this Place a Major names Burton was murders by Indian Sepoys in 1857 war of india After that Ghost of Major buton lives here and doesn’t harms any person here. This is the Only Haunted Place in Kota which comes in the List of Top Haunted Places in India after Bhangarh.

#14 Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie

SavoyHotel1In this Hotel 1910 an accident happens with a woman here to make her die in this hotel which was an mystery . So People called this hotel is haunted by that lady ghost whose is searching for person who killed her by giving poison.

#15 Lohaghat, Uttrakhand

lohagahtThis Place famous story of “mukti kothari” in which here an doctor predict death of person in a manner that is very eerie. Locals said that spirits wanders here at night.

#16 GP block – Meerut

ghghgIt is Uttar Pradesh most haunted place situated in Merrut called GP Block As Local Says to be Feel of Ghost in a House where noise of Some Young Boys and Girls came from there.

#17 Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)

ramoji film cityIn Andhra this Film city where shooting happened are there lots of stange accidents happen here. This places is so called haunted. Although Ramoji Film City is as Big that We can’t Put it in Haunted Places in India .

#18 Raj Kiran Hotel, Mumbai

haunted-raj-kiran-hotelRaj kiran hotel is an haunted hotel in Mumbai where Lot’s of Paranormal Activities are seen on the ground floor . People staying here feel eerie experience as Pulling from their bed etc.

#19 Delhi Cantt

Delhi CanttThis is a Place in delhi where a Lady in white saree asks for lifts to passengers and anyone refuses to give lift she came behind to that person or vehicle.

#20 D’Souza Chawl of Mahim, Mumbai

dsouza-chawl-haunted-mumbaiHere is an well from slipping in that well a Women died here so that his Spirits wanders here but she never harms to nayone.

#21 Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

Shaniwar Wada, Pune, MaharashtraHere is an 13 year old Boys was killed So that his Ghost wanders here and some Voices for helping came here at night.

#22 Kuldhara , Rajasthan

KuldharIn Kuldhara There is a Village Full of Persons was Abandoned due to an Accidnts After that In this Place people forget thier route and Some spirits are seen by Local Villagers.

#23 Dumas Beach, Gujarat

dumas-beach-gujaratThere is an Burning ghat in Gujrat where dog barkes at night with creepy haunted voice to sccare locals.

#24 Dow Hill, Kursiang (West Bengal)

dow hillThis is an Forest where lot’s of Death Witness here . Lot’s of Creepy voices came here at night.

#25 Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Bhangarh, RajasthanWe Don’t Need to give any Introduction to this Place because this place comes in Top 10 Haunted places list in Worlds And comes in top in the List of Top 10 Haunted places in India . A Lot’s of Information can be find about bhangarh over internet. Only we can say that It is So Scary that No one Allow here to Stay at Night .

If You Think that from this List of Haunted Places in India we are missing some Places then Put the Names in Comment with the Spooky Story Related to Haunted Place.


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