Team Pentacle : Paranormal Research and UFOlogy in India

Team PentacleTeam Pentacle is a Paranormal Research Team and Ufology in India.They research on the unexplained world of claimed ghost, haunting and aliens. Their mission is to spread the awareness in Indians about the hidden world of paranormal and to bust the Lot’s of  myths revolving around.With time and knowledge being bound in small books we have stopped thinking big and are now totally bound in our five senses and the needed knowledge. We shall be taking the society to newer yet old spear of knowledge and understanding. With this Team Pentacle courses on paranormal, psychic development and Ufology they shall make you all aware and more aware about yourself.

Pentacle Team was Founded by Shishir Kumar Who is Certified from USA in Paranormal Research.Shishir Kumar is an Indian Caertified Paranormal Investigator , Ufologist and Hypnotist. He Did Certification from IHMS, USA of Paranormal Research .With an upbringing in a society where ghost tales is an everyday Life affair and women been branded witches and killed was even common. He decided to go Very Deep into the subject and research the realities behind ghosts,Evils, spirits, haunting, possession and black magic.

Currently, He has seen resolved many of cases on haunting as well as possession. In a recent breakthrough he visited the Dumbishahi hills in Saranda forest that are said to be haunted. He got some starting reading on his EMF readers as well as some response from the unknown. Reestablishing the fact of existence of the unknown!|By profession He is a journalist who is associated with many National and International media. He is into the paranormal field with a motto to help people.

This Team is second most active team after Indian Paranormal Society. The Other Team members of Team pentacle are Ayush Rana [UFOLogist], Rohit Sharma [Demonologist]. Chinmay Tiwari [psychic] and Nisha sharma [Co-Lead Investigator]. They have More than 14000 Fans on Facebook. They have researched many haunted Places in India which inclues Three Kings Church Goa . Here they Offers different types of Courses in Paranormal research to become a Paranormal Investigator which Includes.

  • Paranormal Researcher
  • EVP Techniques Course
  • Psychic Development
  • Alien Research
  • Demonology

You can contact them by Their Website :

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