If we Talk about Indian Paranormal Investigators then we can Found very few Paranormal Societies in India. As we know there are many haunted places in India which comes in top 10 List of Haunted Places in world.


If we think about Paranormal Investigators in India then first name came in mind is Gaurav Tiwari who takes peak this investigation on the Top . His GRIP team visited across India to found paranormal behavior. Beyond that Some other Paranormal societies like angel Paranormal society , Bangalore Paranormal Societies, Spirit Seekers Army, Pune detectives, Archeological Haunting, Indian Spiritual Society, Paranormal Solutions & Treatment, Spooky Paranormal Society, Team Pentacle etc. From all this Societies some are Fully active and some are Partially active.


We have try to collect information of that Paranormal Societies in India and Paranormal Investigators. Let’s know in details about this Paranormal Societies in India.