If You love to watch Indian Horror movies than you can’t miss Ramsay Horror Movies. Ramsay Brothers are king of Indian horror Movies for more than a Decade. Ramsay Brothers were first to introduced Horror movies in new arena in Indian Cinema. They are five Brothers and all are expert in different field of Cinema.


The Story of Ramsay Brothers starts from FU Ramsay Who comes in India from Karachi after division of India. FU Ramsay started to work in Indian cinema and worked as assistant director in some movies. He has five children and as they grow up , take interest in movie making. All five brothers invest their money in Their First Movie “Do Gaj Zameen ke Neeche” under Ramsay Brothers Production and It was Semi hit.


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After that Ramsay Brothers made “Purana Mandir” and It was Mega Box Office Hit. After they started to make one by one Horror Movies. Some Of his Famous Horror Movies are Purana Mandir, Saamri, Tahkhana, Dak Bangla, Purani Haveli, Shaitani Ilaaka and Band Darwaza.[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 5641,5642,5643″ limit=”100″ link=”custom” width=”220″ height=”250″ title=”always”]After Giving Horror Movies they also make TV serial “Zee Horror Show” Which was Super hit Show. After that they started to make some B grade Horror Movies but Didn’t get Success. After one decade In 2014 they again came back with another horror Movie name “Neighbors”. On thing we knoe that they are King of Horror Movies and Always be remember as Father Of Horror Movies. You can Click on below links movies to know more about Ramsay Horror Movies.[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 6414,6415,6416,6417,6418,6419,6420,6421,6422,6423,6424,6425,6426,6427,6428,6429,6430,6431,6432,6433,6434,6435,6436,6437,6438,6439,6440,6441,6442″ limit=”100″ link=”custom” width=”166″ height=”220″ title=”always”]