Classical Hindi Horror Movies are which are firstly introduce horror movies in Bollywood. The First classical Hindi horror movie was Mahal released in 1949 by Kamal Agnihotri. Leading role of Ashok kumar and madhubala make a Box office hit at that time in Bollywood. After that some other Film maker aslo want to experiment in era of Hindi Horror Movies. In 1962 another Box office Hit Bees Saal Baad was Released. just After that movies in 1965 Gumnaam and Bhoot Bangla was also loved by Indian Viewers. Here we are with Complete details of Classical Hindi Horror Movies Released in 1940s and 1960s.

Mahal [ 1949 ]

Mahal Movie 1949This Movie is known as Indian first Hindi Horror Movie based on Reincarnation [पुनर्जन्म] .  In Starting age of Indian horror cinema movies are are completely based on Horror genre , they are basically on Thriller genre. This movies was major box office hit in 1949. Ashok kumar and Madhubala are in the lead role of film . Mahal Movie was directed by Kamal Amrohi and Produced by Ashok Kumar- Madhubala Pair together.The song “Aaayega aanewala” was superhit song sung by Lata Mangeshkar in this movie. After this Movie there are more Horror Movies started to made in Indian Cinema.

Bees Saal Baad [ 1962 ]

Bees Saal Baad

Bees Saal Baad was another movie in Classic Hindi Horror Movies which was directed by Biren Nag and Produced by Hemant Kumar. Biswajeet and Waheeda rehman was lead Roles in this Movie . The Story of this movie revolves around Spirit of girl which suicides after rape. This Spirit takes revenge by killing the rapist Thakur and after 20 years his grandson take story ahead uncovers solviing the mystery of Vengeful Spirit. After the Success of this Movie there is another movie in 1988 was made by Rajkumar kohli starring Mithun and dimple kapadia  .

Tower House [ 1962 ]

Tower house

This is another Hindi horror movie in same year was released which was directed by Nisar ahmad Ansari and produced by JC Malhotra. Ajit and Shakila was lead role in movie. The Story of this movies surrounds around a Old tower House where a Woman commit suicide from tower. The whole story is to dind the suspect of murder. It was not popular as Bees saal baad.

Wo Kaun Thi [ 1964 ]

Woh Kaun Thi” Wo kaun thi” was Hindi Horror Psychological Mystery Movie directed by Raj Khosla and Dhruva chatterjee. Manoj kumar na dsadhna Shivdasani was lead roles in movie. This movie surrounds around a woman Spirit who regularly meets a person and wants help to find out the murderer of her. The Songs of this movie was super hit and some awards are also nominated for this movie. For more information you can Watch this movie here.

Kohra [ 1964 ]


This movie  was another Hindi Horror movie in year 1964 which is directed by Biren nag and Produced by Dhruva Chatterjee . This movie was based on an English Novel “Rebbeca”. The Major lead roles in this movie are Biswajeet, Waheeda Rehmaan and Lalita Panwar. This Movie can’t able to attract viewers .

Bhoot Bungla  [ 1965 ]

Bhoot Bungla Movie

Bhoot Bungla was a Hindi Horror comedy movie was directed and produced by Mehmood. As the name you can know that the movie plot of this movie surrounds a Bungalow which is known as haunted. Some Person comes to live in this Haunted Bungalow and there are various paranormal activity experienced by the peoples staying there.  This was an Average Hit movie at that time.

Gumnam  [ 1965 ]

Gumnam Movie

Gumnaam was a Popular Classic Hindi horror movie in 1965 directed by Raja Nawathe and dhruva chatterjee. Manoj Kumar and Nanda  was lead roles in this Movie.The Story of this movie surrounds around a murder mystery where we can see lots of suspense in this movie. The Song “Gumnaam hai Koi” was a Superhit song sung by Lata Mageshkar which still heard by peoples. Helen and Mehmood got nominated for best supporting role in this movie.