Ghost Confession Story 7

Ghost Confessionss UnknownThis is the story of my nearby house. a guy staying there decided to sleep on the terrace of the house. It was a summer night and sleeping under the open sky is always pleasant. That guy always yells he isnt scared of ghosts etc One night when he decided to sleep on the terrace this incident occured. It was dark and breezy night. He put his bed near to the boundary of the terrace,and started looking at the stars.then he felt asleep. It was extremely quite and dark with few tress leaves making sound and few street lights giving low light. Far away dogs were barking.

Then he suddenly woke up. Looking around the terrace while on his bed he felt kinda strange. He felt as if there was some one around. May be behind his bed standing or below his bed or near the boundary. Or may be near the tank on terrace or near the plant pots on the terrace. It was as if he wasnt alone. He was very brave but today something scared him that night. He was so shit scared that he did not have the guts to even move his little finger of his hand. He was sweating.
Then he suddenly needed to go to the bathroom. What would he do? He was extremely scared to move. The idea of going downstairs to the washroom was too much more scary. So he decided to pee at the corner of the terrace somewhere.He went there slowly and very scared of the terrace.. And while he was peeing there he suddenly heard a deep loud voice fro, behind him.
The voice said ” Kya kar raha hai tu yahan?”.
He was soo badly scared but gathered his courage to reply. He replied ” Kya?”.
The voice said back “Kya tujhe pata nahi hai ki yeh mere prayer ki jagah hai? Ye kya kar rahea hai tu yahan?”

he turned back to see no one. No one at all. Then from where was that voice coming? The air was silent ..everything was quite.
Then he replies ” Nai pata tha. theek hai jaa raha hoon.”
he replies this and walks back then runs soo fast downstairs in the middle of the night. Banging the door of his house screaming ma ma..papapa. Open the door!!

He fell sick for few days. And after then when ever he sleeps on the terrace now he remembers never to pee there.

Admin says: i guess the reason why i considered its a jinn story,because he didnot harmed him,he was just playing.Spirits dont do that.

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