Bad time at a Good spacious Haunted Duplex in Navi Mumbai

Hello friends after reading some ghost stories I felt to share my own with you all. I am from UP ,brought up in Karnataka and after my engineering graduation shifted to Mumbai in 2007.First I used to stay in 4 Bungalow ANDHERI W as a PG.Then after few years I planned to shift to Navi mumbai and rent a flat.Bad time at a Good spacious Haunted duplex in Navi Mumbai

One of my family friend’s mom who stays in Vashi got me a flat which was lying vacant for some years in Koperkhairane.It was a duplex flat in a 4 storey old building ,I simply loved the space it has and agreed for it.The owners were in Vashi.After formalties I shifted into the flat and started buying TV ,Fridge like home appliances to enjoy my life at this spacious flat after been stayed for 2 years as PG.

I was very happy for some days then I started waking up all of sudden exactly at 2 am by hearing the sound of a key doll like thing as if some kid playing with it.For some days i thought its just a bad dream and dint pay much heed to it .But when it became a routine I suspected that something is wrong.It was rainy season that time and on some nights it used to rain heaving which made the situation quite scary.But I am a brave heart person and though was scared i thought to face whatever it was.

On one such nights it was raining very heavy and that typing sound which woke me up was very high that time.normally I used to switch on the light and pray for 1-2 hrs then used to sleep.But that night I decided to search the entire flat to see if any thing physically present as I thought i can run away if its a real ghost so lets face it.Slowly I started opening cup boards and looking for the source of sound but nothing was found.Then i went up to see if anything on to floor but nothing was there.I waited for some time praying inside my heart and slept ( dont know when). Anyways I thought to ignore and keep staying in the flat.

Next day after I came from work around 8.30 thought of cooking something to eat ,but remembered that tiffin which I took to the office is still with foods inside as one colleague arranged for the lunch on behalf of his b; day. So I took out the tiffin box frm office bag and went to kitchen to bring water bottle and spoon to have food.When i just came out of kitchen suddenly some big sound came and power went off.I thought some short circuit took place in building but after few seconds I realized the other flats are having power ,I opened up the door and asked my neighbor if power went for some time they said no.

I came back in my flat and checked the main power plug ,switched it on and power was there now so no short circuit ,Now I thought then what that sound was when I went inside kitchen the plaster on kitchen roof had fallen down in entire kitchen.I felt very scary for my life thinking had i been cooking here I would have been dead as I was staying alone.I thought for a while and then decided I should move out as the ghost inside had given me a warning that I should not dare to continue my stay and probably thats the reason the flat was vacant in such busy location near station.

Some how I spent the night there and next morning conveyed my shifting from flat to owners with reason.They tried to convince that they would do the repair and I should continue I said I cant wait to die.I shifted next day to a flat in Vashi .After some days I went to the area to check if it was really some ghost asked a local watchman around the area he said some pregnant woman had died from the family long back dont know how and after some time the family shifted to Vashi. So I think this may be the cause but still not sure as I had no clarifications from the family.

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