A Visit to India’s Most Haunted Place Bhangarh at night

Hello Friends , My name is Priyam Roy and I am from Delhi.So, it goes like this, last Saturday night me and my friends all of a sudden thought of visiting some haunted places in Delhi and India’s most haunted Place Bhangarh at night . So, obviously the first choice was the Dwarka Sector 9 haunted tree where many cab drivers have reported incidents of encountering with a lady ghost who ask for lift and if they don’t provide lift she just run alongside the cab.Real Story of Haunted BhangarhSo, as planned we went there at 1:00 am. There is a big tree where a temple has been built around it. The road seems to be avoided by people for some reason and was ghostly quiet. Though we stayed there for an hour in the place but there was no sign of any paranormal activity. All the internet Horror stories seemed to be untrue.

Being disappointed we planned that lets try for the ultimate one, India’s most haunted place “Bhangarh” which was about 255 KMs away. But, it was already 1:00 am at night so it will be almost morning when we will reach Bhangarh, so we decided to stay in Jaipur for that day and to go there at night.

We started our Journey at around 7PM next day from Jaipur to Bhangarh at Night. Now, on the way whenever we stop to ask for the route to Bhangarh, everyone seems to be very surprised and also frightened even to tell us the route which added up our enthusiasm. One them went to an extent of telling story about the place and was constantly telling us not to go there at night but I pulled the window as there was a possibility that some of us might think of going back.

Inspite of all this we reached there by 10 PM. The place was isolated from people. There was no human habitation for nearly around 2-3 Km and the place was all dark, only light was coming out from the car’s headlight. The main gate was locked out and there was a huge Tamarind tree in front of the gate.

The whole place was looking like a perfect haunted place. Now, as the gate was locked we had a find some alternative way to get in. So, we went to a nearby village to get some help. I must mention here one thing which is very unusual about that place, there are more temples then houses near that fort, all of the temples have lights on but no human being in there.

Somehow we manage to get hold of a villager and started to interact with him with an expectation that he might be able to tell us a secret way to the fort as the gate was locked. He told us that there is a way on the right side of the fort. He also added that he has been staying there for 40 years but never encountered any paranormal activity as such but there is always a fear of wild animals at night. Now, we are not only up against only disembodied beings but also wild animals. So, we made a plan that whatever happens we will stick together- be it ghost or tiger.

We went back to search for the secret way to the fort. We searched for an hour or so but no luck. But during that time we were constantly hearing roar of wild animals which was scary because it was sounding like mix up noise of wild foxes, leopard etc. Now, during this time we heard a scream of someone. It was very unusual and very nonhuman. We didn’t discussed this with each other as we thought that it was not real but later on we found out that everybody heard it.

After one hour or so, one of my friend thought that we might be searching the wrong side of the fort for an entrance so we went to the right hand side and bingo, there five or six big holes in the wall like tunnels. But, we had to make a decision whether to get inside the fort or not because it would be an offence to enter into a national monument at night and we might face consequences of it. But, we made a decision to get in. When we went in the fort seemed to be very big and we had no light with us accept a cell phone torch which was very faint.

The fort was so big that there was a possibility that we might lose our way out. So we decided not to go all the way inside the fort and to close to the entrance from where we came in. We stayed inside the fort for an hour. During that time we heard the sounds and it was more pronounced which in a sense was bit scary and darkness was also adding up the fear.

But, we did not felt presence of any negative energy which we thought we would experience. I heard of stories of people getting into the fort at night and not to return which seems to be unreal. But, it can be quite possible that the wild animals might have role to play in that. I would conclude by saying – though we have not encountered anything supernatural if I am skeptical about it but It was worth a fun.


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