A Dog “Sezo” Saves my Life

black_Dog_ghostI am writing this, because an incident took me to believe in ghosts or supernatural existence. However, I am not very sure if it was ghost but yes it was something supernatural thing I experienced.It happened long ago when I was 15, studying in 10th standard (its in 2002 I guess). It was normal evening my mother was trying a new dish which my neighbor use to cook. My mother told me to go to my neighbor and ask for her assistance.

I started to move and when I came out of my house, I saw a women who was standing nearby (I thought she was trespassing), I turned myself to the way of neighbor’s house but suddenly thought that I should ask the lady to not to trespass from next time, but when I turned back no one was there and I thought she has gone now and never thought about it again and asked my neighbor for the assistance. My mom cooked the dish we had good dinner and after some I went to sleep.

During the sleep I saw that women which was standing near my main door in my dream.  Her appearance was different then I saw at that time.   Her hair was horribly scattered and her face was horrifying and she was laughing at me and telling me that I am here to enter your house and will, but I protested her (in my dream obviously :-)) to enter my house and started Hanuman chalisa (Prayer to lord Hanuman), but as she was also fighting with me to get in she made me dumb for a while as I was only able to pass the air from mouth and not the voice. At the end of the Hanuman Chalisa, I managed to wake myself up from sleep and I was literally reading the Hanuman Chalisa’s last shaloka without any voice and it took me at least 2 minutes to get my voice back.

It doesn’t stopped here just after that the street dog which I named as Sezo and he was very loyal to me as I used to give him food started crying and according to Hindu mythology dog crying is a bad sign. I went to sezo and tried to calm him down and at about 4 am in the morning he stopped crying.After this all nights for 7 days, including this day, I had those dreams and when I wake the dog was crying as usual. On 7th day I found Sezo dead at the back of my house. Night before his death was the last night I had that dream that the lady is trying to enter my house and I am protesting this.

I have heard that dogs take any evil over themselves to protect their owners and I believe that I lost my loving dog protecting my home.After all this I never had that dream, so I believe Sezo won over the evil to save me and family members from the evil.Hope you like my Experience with the evil.

This Story is Sent by Nikhil Gupta From Himachal Pradesh

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