A Creepy Encounter with Paranormal Creature Slender Man

This is a story of Creepy Encounter with Paranormal Creature Slender Man sen by Chirayu from Gujrat Who Experienced Slender Man at night during tour.Slender man is a paranormal creature that wears a black suit with a red or black tie who stands 6 to 10 feet tall and is faceless who loves to stalk children aging from 4 to 16 years. I encountered him last year when I and my friends went on a trip to a forest in Maharashtra.when we were at the destination I thought that something was wrong there but I left behind my sixth sense feeling and helped my friends set up the camp.i’m a brave boy so I don’t get scared easily.
A Creepy Encounter with Paranormal Creature Slender Man

We were a group of 6 and we all had homemade RC drones(quad-copters)with cameras mounted and range of 40 km (I know the range seems too much but the RC systems were also made at home.at that time we were 13 years old but had too much knowledge of RC so we made it) there were 4 drones with capability of showing video directly on the screen with operator(the technology in the drone is used by military also).

One of my friend started flying his drone and after it went approximately 3km away from us the cam showed a strange man who was nearly 7 to 8 feet tall.he was wearing a black suit. My friend bought his drone back to check weather something was malfunctioning. So I started to fly my drone and the same thing showed up but this time more tall and at the distance of 400 meters.I brought it back and we all were scared as we thought someone was following us.

As it began to become darker we planed to sleep in my car(my car is a very luxurious road home type car with beds and kitchen and all but set up a camp for the thrill of camping) that night.we were playing in it as my dad was with us so we feel safe in it.then a around 9:00 PM i thought that someone was watching me through the window.I looked out of the window but no one was there so I just continued to play GTA: V on my gaming console(Xbox 360)at midnight.

I wanted my Hanuman chalisa’s book which was in the tent so I went out to get it but when I kept my feet out of the car I got a strong feeling of someone being watching me.the tent was a 50 meteres from car so I went everyone in car was sleeping so I had to go alone.as I got near the tent I saw the man whom I saw on the drone’s cam.he was wearing a black suit and was around 8 feet tall and when I looked at his face eventually NO FACE at all.I was scared to death.

I was paralyzed in standing position for sometime.as I got normal I took out the book and ran towards the car.at night around 3:45 I woke by a noise outside.I went near the window and saw him again so I woke my dad and told him everything so he gold that we should get out as fast as possible we went back home but experiences continued. Before 3 months we went to Shirdi and I told everything to a priest of Shiri Saibaba and he told me to wear a black thread and he will eventually go back from the no experience occurred of you. Have any suggestions please note down in comment s

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