5 Real Life True Horror Stories that Will Keep Awake You at Night

Hello friends You have read Lots of Horror Stories but Here We are Posting 5 Real Life True Horror Stories which are Posted by our readers. When You read these Horror Stories then you feel these stories in you mind for Long time.

#1 Dangerous walk through In Night in jungles of Delhi Cantt

Dangerous walk through In Night in jungles of Delhi CanttHi friends. this is Rudra. I’m about to tell you my most adventurous yet Horror experience ever. it is for you Delhi peoples. we are all well aware of delhi cantt’s haunted past. Being a great lover of paranormal activities, i took some of my friends and brother to delhi cantt’s jungle at 9’o clock. never thinking of what will be the consequences me and my friends entered the jungle. this only to check if the story of the lady in clad white is true or not.

This all started a few days ago when dusshera hit calenders. Holidays are on the verge of end, so we decided to do some investigation that we thought of being fun. we went delhi cantts’s jungle, for that we crossed road. but there was a sudden drop in temperature as we crossed the road. temperature dropped down even more when we reached the entrance. this was near October so i can say that it wouldn’t be that cold. i also heard that haunted places are colder than nearby environment. but continued our journey. we don’t had torches and it was pitch dark on the road through the jungle. street lights are fluctuating.

suddenly we heard something from our behind. we all peed in our pants. before looking backward we almost got goosebumps. to our surprise it was only a dog following us. then we entered the most dense part of the road coverd with trees from both sides. one of my friend took out his mobile phone and turned on the flash light of that. now its been half an hour till we entered the forest. we were really disappointment to find ourselves empty handed and decieded to go back. while one of my friend insisted to go a little deeper. we agreed for the same.

We have hardly walked for three minutes we heard a shout from the jungle , probably of a lady. a cold chill ran up my spine, it is not over yet. from the right side of a road we saw some disturbance. and to our horror i couldn’t believe my eyes. its a lady in clad white, hair over her face and thin body and not top forget her feet which were in totally in opposite position from normal human being. we ran as fast as we can and i tried my best to keep everyone from sacttering because if get lost in jungle, there is now way we would have returned alive.

we ran for our lives and i just wanted to look behind if we are followed by some one. i can clearly see the lady floating in air. at last she stopped, i could not see her anymore. but we cant risk it. we are till we came out of jungle. one policeman saw us and halted us inquiring why went into the jungle at this unevenly time.we told the whole happening which took place. he said it was foolish to enter this area at this time, people are scared to travel through this area even in broad day light.

on inquiring he told a lady has lost her son while riding when some drunkards smashed her scooty some 6 years ago. after that the lady lodged a complaint against the men but they were powerful men. they also killed her on the same way to get rid of her and the court case.from that day the lady is seen on that road asking for lift. if somebody doesn’t stops, she chases the vehicle and at high speeds and even jumps infront of the car. thats reality . and i took an oath from that day not to take this things as joke

#2 My First Encounter

My First EncounterI am Anurag Batabyal 25 years old now but even today when I recall that incident which shivered my life when I was small kid, I get goosebumps on my body. I was 10 years old. I use to sleep with my parents in my Jamshedpur based railway quarters.

I use to sleep besides the big window along my bedroom with my parents. The Shadow of a plant kept me disturbing all night daily. So I kept asking my Dad to remove that plant.But because he was verry fond of Gardening and that was planted by his late Grandmother he never listened to my urger. I use to feel someone is calling me from that plant.

I would Close my eyes and pray god. Finally one day I was so scared that I got ill. My mother asked Dad to remove the plant now atleast. So in anger and annoyment he removed it. I was verry happy that I would not be facing any disturbance during night. I slept too early by the Window side. Suddenly Someone from the area where the plant was kept,came a lady who got hold of my Hand. I screamed in fear. after this incident i became more nervous. Thanks to my parents who took good care of me at that time..

# 3  True Incident story of Aarey Milk Colony, Goregaon East

True Incident story of Aarey Milk ColonyHello Friends I am divyesh One of my wife friend was coming from Powai to Dindoshi Fly over around at 12.30 am at night & he [Akash] & his wife spotted a woman standing in a white sari at the middle of the road and was coming closer to them but at the same time on the opposite side the truck came and that woman disappeared after that when they turn back & saw there was nobody but when he (Akash) saw in the bike mirror the woman was still standing there.

After passed by picnic spot they feel like cold & shivering & the wind blowing and some noise was saying go away and do not come again here when they reached Chhota Kashmir they saw a man on opposite side and was standing facing right hand side and asking for a lift in white Payjama & kurta and they were so scared their bike headlight was off automatically after they passed chhota kashmir he realize again that his bike headlight start working. The couple was so scared that they do not dare to travel on Aarey Milk colony road during night time after 6pm, Goregoan, India

Next day morning i called them and they were scared to pick the phone. i & my wife went to Akash place to know what had happened with them yesterday. His parents told me the incident. Becoz in day time there is no paranormal activity seen in Picnic spot & Chhota kashmir. Becoz It is a total Jungle road.

#4 Paranormal Activity in School

Paranormal Activity in School

I personally had experience and sharing Horror Stories with you. It’s real history of this haunting; just a word of caution should you want to investigate this school once especially at night. Now i am not sure about the same. The new building was redeveloped in the same ground and all pujas has done.

This was a another incident happen with school girl who was screaming for help and was forcely raped and murdered in the school classroom and the body was thrown into well to hide identity of the raped girl. Every Night after 12pm the girl screams aloud for help and running over school corridors. When i joined this school at the backside of the toilet it was well but the toilet doors were locked and was not given permission to anyone to move their.

One girl student was playing and suddenly the toilet door opened in front of her and the girl student went inside the door and closed automatically, we were searching girl student after few mins girl student screamed and all student & staff teachers including principal went to see what happened but at that time the girl student body was found under well and no one was nearby. But the girl student was saved alive but she was unconscious and she was admitted to nearest hospital for treatment.

After 2-3 days i decided to visit their alone but was scared. But when i visit i found some white smoke coming out of the well and birds were chirping,different weird voice are coming, bats were flying around and it was getting dark i was feeling unease like presence of someone near me.i was pushed from the backside and was my good luck i was saved myself to fall in well. i Just ran from their to save my life and watchmen saw me running and asked me what happen i told him this incident. school Watchmen told me i was also beaten by stick, slapping, and tried to kill.

It was a summer day [April & May Month] where all students are ready to appear for exams. Before 1 week of exams one of our female staff Teacher Ms.Manisha was fall ill and was admitted to Saifee Hospital.

In Saifee Hospital, where our female staff Teacher Ms.Manisha was admitted over there at night after 12pm all hospital staff do not dare to come near patients for check up. Reason is in corridor / wards of the hospital is haunted and paranomal activities seeing everyday and patient fears like: electrical flucks, old man in white kurtis & payjama, young boys in white shirt & pants, womens in white saree, crying of babies, scream roam freely in the hospital.

One of the young women who was harrased and was killed in hospital by their relatives and was entered to our staff teacher body and she returned to school at that time where all students exams were going to start and we all computer staff welcome her again but when we left to take exams of students we noticed that our staff teacher Ms.Manisha was changed and her behaviour towards us was abnormal and weird voice like screaming loud.

One of our staff teacher entered in cabin and she suddenly noticed that someone was calling with her name in weird voice and things were floating automatically and was threatening to kill her. She was so scared she deny to work with school. As soon as i reached in computer cabin all female staff teachers were standing outside of cabin were scared to get into cabin. All female staff teacher were eye on me, But i went alone in cabin and sit at the opposite 1 inch between me and our female teacher Ms.Manisha.

After few minutes i notice i was able to see the face of the women who was capture our staff teacher Ms.Manisha soul and the soul was so powerful that everyone was suffered in our staff by bad ill effects. I tried to ask her who was she but i got no reply after few minutes i got reply from that soul her name was anjali and was harrased by relative and killed in hospital. After we all realize something feeling unease, irritation in our mind, vomiting, loose motion, severe headache, high Fever become ill at the same time and the ill effects was so bad on us that we could not able to go home alone we had to call our relatives to pick up from school. Our computer cabin doors are opening & closing, stools, computers, books are floating in air.

We decide to call meeting at school board and after discussing the matter with school principal and the decision was taken to suspend her from this job. Next day we got bad news that our Female staff teacher Ms.Manisha passed away. We were shocked to hear this news.

I hope you will understand how we go thru this paranomal activity had with us in past 2005. I will be in touch with u thru mails.

#5 Haunting at saraighat Bridge,guwahati 1997

Haunting at saraighat Bridge

It was an Horror Stories incident that took place during college election in guwahati university. After the last day of the election campaign, on of the candidate standing for the post of secretary (i wont mention the exact name of the colj)ws returning from a beer party thrown out by the party members.

it was late at 2:30 am he was returning back to his hostel riding on his Rajdoot Bullette. As he reached near the Saraighat Bridge he saw a girl signalling him for a ride. She asked him to drop her few kms away on the other side of the bridge. Earlier that place was notorious for prostitutes who roams around during that hours waiting for their client/customer for a lift…..so he took her to be one of them and readily agreed as he himself was supposed to pass by the same root.

Now as they were crossing the bridge the boy saw few trucks fully loaded were just about to leave before it is dawn from that area…….the boy was suddenly astonished when he saw …as he was passing the drivers were glaring at him like anything…..he thought for a second that might be the girl on his back seat who drew their attention…..but all of a sudden one middle-aged looking sardarji carrying one lathi(stick) with few of his fellow drivers yelled at him and ‘threatened’ him to stop.

As he was riding his bullete quiet fast…so pulling it down at an instant might have caused an accident….although he did but was a bit pissed off by their act. He with a heavy tone asked them what was the matter that let them do so. Then the sardarji asked him to look behind….when he did he was awes trucked…..the girl was missing and his white kurta ws not only stained with blood but blood was dripping and pumping out from his shoulder. Looking at this, he felt down unconscious.

The boy was hospitalized as he had lost quiet a clot quantity of blood but when he regained consciousness one of his college mate informed him that it was sardarji who brought him to the hospital,and he then narrated the incident that the truck drivers witnessed goes this way……while he was riding his bike they saw a lady sitting on the back of his seat had her teeth punctured deep into his shoulder and blood was continuously pumping out from his shoulders without his acknowledgement…..and they could see the face of the lady which was painted red with his blood…and when all of them started shouting at them the lady hissed for a while ,and then plunged from the back-seat just like a frog does and then vanished into the thin air.

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