10 Haunted Places in Delhi Where You Don’t Want to Visit at Night

Haunted Places in Delhi

There are several places in India, which are infamous for paranormal activities. We have collected information about some extremely terrifying scary haunted places in Delhi. Some of them are very popular places where especially people visit to experience paranormal activity. But I tell you it is not a good idea to play with fire and mysterious forces. Unsatisfied linger souls and ghosts can hurt you physically and emotionally. In many incident people died also after facing and by getting affected by paranormal things.

1  Sanjay Van

Sanjay VanSanjay van is situated near “vasant kunj” & mehurauli Delhi 70. Many people have had their life changing experience at “sanjay van” in past time. It is one of the most horrible places to be at. Sanjay van is also known as lung of the city. People get lost and hear terrifying voices from wood trees at sanjay van. According to some sources, Sanjay van is the home of evil souls. And those angry souls hate people who visit there. Nearby residents of Sanjay van keep their house doors shut even at day time to be safe from deadly horrifying ghosts of sanjay van. Many people heard a young lady crying and shouting behind trees, but nobody dare to check while it happens. Many people have also seen murde hanging on the trees of sanjay van at night while passing near sanjay van. These all facts say that sanjay van is not a safe place to be in.

Some days ago Sheela tyagi shared her real experience story of visiting at “Sanjay van”. She had breath taking and horrifying experience when she and her three friends visited to Sanjay van. Sheela said that she was talking to one of her friends, when suddenly a scary shadow appear in front of her, And try to touch head and tried to starch her hair. And at a same time Sheela’s friend also seen some abnormal atmosphere change in that place. And Sheela more added that we all four friends ran out of “Sanjay van” instantly crying and shouting. After that incident Sheela or any of her three friends never went there again.

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2 Malchal Mahal

Malcha Mahal HauntedMalchal Mahal is is situated near the Delhi earth station, Bistdari road, Sardar Patel marg, New Delhi 21. If you are on a mission to experience an invisible paranormal force, then Malchal Mahal is the perfect haunted places in Delhi to visit. Many people say that, they felt extreme fear when they visited there. Malchal Mahal is surrounded by dense forest. Every side of malchal mahal is quite and scary forest. Many people complained about feeling invisible force, who try to push them away from Malchal Mahal. Now days many enthusiastic college students and many curious paranormal activity, researchers visit at Malchal Mahal to experience invisible force.

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3 Lothian cemetery

The Haunted Lothian Cemetery Story in HindiThis place is also known as Nicholson cemetery. Lothian cemetery is located nearby Kashmiri gate, Delhi. According to local people there is one headless soldier ghost appears and roam around that area. People say that Long time ago in British era, there was a soldier who got spurned in love relationship. And with heavy heart, in exasperated mind & heart condition, he committed suicide. The ghost of that exasperated soldier scares people around that area. Maybe that soldier still can’t forget her lover and keep trying to look for.

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4 Khooni Darwaja

Khooni DarwazaKhooni darvaja is also another terrifying haunted place in Delhi. This place also called by name “blood gate”. This is the same place where there last Mughal emperor “Bahadur shah Zafar” were executed. People say that Bahadur shah Zafar soul’s soul roams around khooni Darvaja but not hurting or scaring any Indian. But when any foreigners visits at the place, then Bahadur shah Zafar’s soul tries to terrify them.

Karla Browne shared her experience after visiting “khooni darvaja”
“This is what she said in her E-mail – I can never forget what I feel when I enter at that haunted place. Someone bites me on my shoulder and then pushed me to forward. It was not my confusion because when I cover off my arm, there was a tooth mark on my arm. My heart beat was started speeding rapidly and my throat dried out. I was so scared at that time, even I couldn’t scream. My whole body shivers whenever I think about that abnormal incident. I will never go visit India and if I do visit again, I defiantly want to, that deadly scaring place called blood gate”

5 Mutiny House – Kashmir Gate

Mutiny MemorialThis is the place where many British soldiers lost their lives during the 1857 revolt. This place is known as extremely terrifying haunted places in Delhi. Many people have seen severed wriggling limbs at Mutiny House. This kind of rumor keeps the interest of many people to visit at Munity House. It’s hard to believe these kinds of rumors, but still it is enough to increase heartbeat of normal humans.

6 Dwarka Sector 9 metro station road

Haunted Peepal Tree Near Dwara 2There are many infamous haunted places in Delhi known for its mysterious ghost activity. Dwarka Sector 9 metro station road is also one of them. This road is often used by Gurgaun resident call center workers. Many of them complained about ghost appearances while returning home late night after finishing work shift. According to them an old woman follows cab (for wheeler public transport car).

Ankit Sharma wrote his experience to us – ankit says that-
It was my first job and I was very happy for it. I packed my Tiffin and move out for work shift at 7.30 pm. As I was crossing the main road, one black cat suddenly crosses my way. I am a bit superstitious, but it was my first job, and I was not in a mood, to take any kind of chance to make falls impression to my seniors, by taking leave “a day” just because a cat crosses my way. I just ignored that incident and moved to shift by cab.

When we were crossing Dwarka Sector 9 metro station road suddenly cab broken down not only once but threes. I was assuming that something Goanna be wrong with me. And it happened when we were returning from shift at 4am with the same cab.

Wearied looking old lady came in the way of the cab, and cab driver suddenly lost control over the car. At that time there were total four guys in the car, Raghu, Dipak, cab driver and me. We all screamed like hell. We were not afraid of accident which took place at that time, but we were scared of that ghost lady who was appearing before our cab. I tell you I am not a religious kind of person, but at that scary moment I was speaking “hanuman chalishaa” and praying god to be safe from that horrifying old lady ghost.

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7 The Ridge

The Ridge DelhiThe Ridge is the place where anybody can get fearful. According to Delhi locals The Ridge is the most dangerous place to be at. So many people got hit by the British colonial ghost in that place. People say that there is colonial era British person’s ghost regularly scares everyone. The ridge has its brutal past history. & According to Delhi people, many dissatisfied, angry souls frequently appear at The Ridge and try to scare anyone who walks through that area. Many people have said, Out of many infamous ghosts’ of The Ridge the colonial era British person’s ghost is the most dangerous infamous paranormal force over there, because he can touch and hurt people. Mohan bhardvaj is the victim of a British colonial ghost and he shared his experience with us.

Mohan Bhargav says that…
I never believed in ghosts or paranormal forces before I faced reality of dark world. After completing graduation, I was hanging out with my friends, at that place. When I was looking towards tree someone pinched me on my back, I thought my friends kidding with me. But when I looked back, I saw my friends were standing almost 20 meters away from me. My heart came to my mouth, and I ran away from that spot. I never went there after that incident. I thank god, that I am safe and alive today.

8 Fort of feroz shah kotla

Feroj Sha Kotla FortThis Haunted Places in Delhi is situated at Bahadur shah Zafar Marg, Delhi-2. Fort of Feroz shah was built in tughlaq era, around mid years of The 14th century. Many people every Thursday congregate at Fort of Feroz Shah Kotla to please sprits. And they try to please them with insane sticks. The motive for doing this ritual is to take command over the souls of Feroz shah Fort so they can use the powers of those souls for their benefits. This kind of ritual can become dangerous sometimes. Because you never know how much power and strength / ability cruel soles have. And what if it refuses to bow down to you and attack back.

Maulik gupta shared his experience about this Haunted Places in Delhi- maulik says that…
We visited the place once after hearing many mysterious stories of Feroz shah kotla Fort. When we went there, it was crowded atmosphere there. Lots of people performing their rituals, but we shocked when we saw one guy started hitting another person there who also were doing some kind of ritual over there. People try to separate them, but he has continually beaten him.

After some time he got collapse himself. People wake him up by throwing water on his face. He awakes after some time and declared that he did nothing himself, some cruel, angry ghost soul controlled his body and started hitting fellow person who was near him. By the grace of god nothing was happen to us, but when me and my friend have seen that terrible incident we both got scared deeply in our heart. I don’t know about my friend, but I will never visit that place. If you ask my opinion, then I will rate Firoz shah Kotla Fort Delhi’s most hunting places.

9 Delhi Cantonment – Scary Ghost lady

Delhi CantDelhi Cantt road is infamous for its abnormal incidents of ghost activities. Many people say that one white saree dressed young lady ask people to give her a lift. And she follows their vehicle. Many people added that their car gets automatically slowed down mysteriously, while that terrifying ghost lady appears and ask for lift on cantt road.

Diya Rana shares her horrifying experience with us – she says that…
I and my husband decided to take a long drive after stressful & busy work. It was Saturday night 11pm when our point of view changed completely about scary ghosts and linger soles. I was driving and my hubby Rohit was sitting next to me (near driving seat).

The road was a bit slippery due to rain. That’s why we were going a bit slow on the road. My husband suddenly pointed out a lady who was standing across the road with a child in her hand. We thought she may need a lift, normally we don’t stop the car to give lift, but seeing a child in her hand, We stopped the car to give her a lift. It was the biggest mistake of our entire life. I can’t explain what she turned out when we stopped the car.
She shouted horribly to us, and threw that thing, what she was carrying in her hand. We thought that, it was her child, but when it hit / crashed into our car windshield, we came to know that it was a large blood stained piece of meat.

I just hit the top gear of my car and almost flown the car away from that place. That scary lady followed our car till next one KM. Me and my husband both were screaming like mad people. I was shouting, screaming and crying terribly. I thank almighty God for saving me and my husband from that fearful horrible lady ghost.

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10 Billa Ranga road

Mumbai to Marve and Madh Islands RoadIndia shocked when two criminals’ named jasbir and kujit who murdered innocent kids. That shocking crime committed in the year 1978, august by jasbir and kuljit they known as billa & ranga. 17 year old girl named geeta, and her brother named sanjay were going to perform some kind of program at all India radio stations.

Billa and Ranga kidnapped both kids and they demand ransom to parent of the kids. After knowing that geeta and sanjay’s father is navy soldier, both criminal got scared and they killed boy (sanjay) and raped and killed girl (geeta).
Lately both demons billa and ranga caught by police and sent to trial at court. Both of them were sent to hell, by giving death sentence by justice chief of the Court.

People say that both kids’ soles still roam around that area, where they got destroyed / murdered, by those evils. And the most disgusting part of this real cruel story is that the “road” is known by the name of those killer rapist demons billa and ranga. “The name should be changed as soon as possible”.

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